Have A Nice Day

I say, have a nice day,
I mean, perhaps, have a good afternoon.

I thought, “have a nice day.”
Have a nice day,
an exciting, cheerful, or serene day.
A summer’s day.
A normal day,
a productive one,
a rewarding day,
or hence a forgotten day.

  • when there are friends with you,
    when they see you off roaming in the Dirac sea.
    or amid the dimensions of a imagined space upright
    The universe hid away its long lonely nights.
    Some day, we make them as vivid and as bright.

  • when there is time for you
    when we take a walk through the Ultra Deep Field
    or around the woods nearby,
    Shuffling leaves give you a drop of warm sunlight,
    Sorrows alight. Things turn out all right.

And have a nice day,
to me, and to the ones longing to know,
breezes wandering above a dreamless twilight,
When I say
…In fact…
I don’t know what I’d say!

When you read the words hereby I lay,
We both shall hear my heart the best way,

2 August 2016, in Physics Help Room, 303-G03C, where I generally reside.
Wasted 20 minutes in the first trial.
Today was my parent’s 20th wedding anniversary.
Cheers for that.

Have fun at f-STEM

I feel cold..

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