Afar, The Message

There are words below, though.

No one will be here to see my message, the same logic, however, applies to the historical expeditions where we send messages to places afar.

Lack of confidence doesn’t kill me, inertness and laziness do, and perhaps cultural incompatibility. Whereas I do not seem competent in anything – I am the worst kind of introvert – Thank you so much.

I have seen signs of redemption – not religiously – but spiritually. Clear eyes are also washed by tears, I wrote in my notes. Be busy.

Fictionalised or not, something seem too good to be true. I won’t succumb to hormones this time, logically you are amazing.

All right. I still have to polish my incompetence. We won’t meet again for quite a while.

Will I be different?

FW, before end-of-year examinations

Stories coming soon.

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