Earth, #1

I thought about naming this series, P. Blue Dot.

Rejoice at this era,

          brief and

          precarious as it is.

Our species’ most prestigious elites,

          one’s dearest loves and wishes,

          economical partnership and

expectations, firm grounds to hold onto or

          to bury hope.

Our species’ most daring challenges,

          one’s furthest hatreds and fears,

          political rivalries and 

preoccupations, tempestuous waves to carry or

          to shatter faith.

Rejoice at this era, 

          briefly and

          precariously as we live

Civilization grows tranquil.

          When nothing seemed farther than that sun-resting hill …

          When summer’s heat’s been replaced by artificial chill …

          When we satiated the appetite by holding down the mantle-cracking drill …

          Shan’t we one day be left to shrill?

Look back to the same planet, we will.

Live on the same planet, we still.




Through the infiniteness of space and time,

          Contemplating it,

          Being contemplated.

By our followers,

          who will speak.

We once, for so long,

          had stood still.

By our followers,

          who will see.

Here and now,

          We come here, equal.

2016, FW

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