Starry Night #1

I was trained for physics Olympiad.  I had a great teacher and an amazing cohort.  Those are distant now, and yet my high-school physics adventures have influenced my character profoundly still: devotion, imagination, patience and confidence prevail in my academic life.

Here’s a poem from October, 2013, not long after my first high school physics class.

Amid the mysteries, you came.
A wave function, alive:

Then, there came
Long darkness.
Silence drained our starlight.

Weighting my soul,
your shadow casts upon my device,

In the infinite doubt of mine,
You are nowhere…


©️FW 2013, Translated on 6 Mar 2017



I dug this up to answer the internet question: what if physicists write poems?

Well, I will primarily focus on the physicist part of things now.

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