Earth, #2

Hang on.

— to gravitation.

A bunch of family friends were in my living room. After cutting a Wassermelon, introducing Prof. Carl Sagan (whose picture was smiling at us on the dining table), and discussing my new semesters’ resolution… I took out my laptop and showed them Titan, red giants, and M 31, etc. with Space Engine.

Having likely been informed of my problems situations this week, they asked (and I translated):

“With such immense scale of things you think e’vry day, how could you ever be intertwined into dire social relationships — or lack thereof — like this?”

Immune to the overview effect that my screen rendered, I quipped, with some hesitation, in light of some conjured new hope, and because of the ensuing failure to substantiate any:

“Well, the persons that are troubling me also deal with such objects and scales.

“I assume.”

It’s March the 11th today.