Naming the Stars

Another very short one.  I just printed out my last assignment of the week, and decided to spend another few minutes writing (personally) before I head for a Café (to grab a non-caffeinated drink alone, of course), and hopefully finish the problem set soon after.

Bay Area’s temperature broke historical records this weekend (39 degrees Celsius at this very moment — “102 degrees”, in other languages — and I try to explain to every annoyed or dehydrated (or both) friend that it is because I am hot.

Ok, enough distractions.

If you came to look for me on the Space Engine Forum in the past few months, you wouldn’t have spotted me.  I didn’t get the code to become a beta tester on Steam, nor did I have as much time to help improve the current versions.

“I didn’t have much time, but nor was I really busy,”  a perfect description of my first semester in 2017, “a mere idling status.”

I did, however, continue playing with Space Engine (as evidenced here), as well as fulfilling my duties to translate SE news and documentations, to make videos, and to help new players in China.

And so I continued making friends back there, a few chat groups worthy of new connections, in fact, the majority being middle and high school students.  They came to the interest in the space simulator at about the same age as I was, but I still sometimes envy them: they are treated with bigger database, fancier graphics and far fewer glitches to begin with, while the first thing Space Engine ever presented to me is a simple piece of interstellar flight that fried my CPU.

To be continued…

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