Life @ 19

I will be right.
I will be wrong.
It will mean zero.

I am calm, and
I am
  stuck here, and
I am
  moving on.

It's the whole stage:
  where I know as life,
  where there's all I know,
Wherever I could set foot:
  Whatever I can analyze.
  Whenever i can try.

I see it, I, 
I will venture One Step Ahead;
I will take one more risk too high...

I see it, I,
  Settle in, observe and organize;
  challenge, reason and realize.

>I collect shells,
  but gone will be my shelf and box.
>I dream marvels,
  and wake, to see them fade.

>But I am not afraid, 
nor will my life frustrate.
I see me, with others,
I will not travel alone in this.
  Nor will this be lost... 

Under some ancient starlight,
  and into the verge of darkness;
Beside colliding particles,
  and between segregating galaxy clusters,
  take a life long glimpse,

At an infinity.

Sept 6, 2017

New Sequoia

Undergraduate Research Project Interview tomorrow, so I briefly revised and extended my LinkedIn descriptor into the limerick above.

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