So, here we are.

A few days back in California, I asked a few people how they were a year ago.  Well, on the upside, one thing that I have learned is the triviality in organizing events of one’s life in boxes of “years”, maybe birthdays could make more sense. I wanted to say how much my life’s changed, but … I was ultimately left silent in those attempts, and wondering something more introspective (than I usually am).

How did my life change?

I posted a similar essay here last year, I still remember. It featured a stylized “2017”, and ended with “May it be a fruitful year” — I could recite most things I write (excluding answers to about 20 questions in the GRE Physics).

About this exact time on Mt. Eden (Maungawhau), waiting for Auckland’s new year fireworks and standing by my tripod that at times swayed in the breeze, I asked myself — and the southern cross above my horizon — where I would be in a year’s time (Boston was my hope).

I turned in the documents and turned 19 (conveniently, just after the last rejection letter arrived).

I tried to join conversations and I tried to cope with alienation.

I kept a love for the world and its science in the most humanly ways I knew possible, and I kept an 8.8 GPA (3.9) in NZ, and 4.0 GPA at Cal.

I guess I had fun in music rooms and on the glades beside a school seal and trees whose leaves shuffled shadows onto my iris for a sufficiently long time. I guess I even learned to love this verb itself once or twice.

Yes. I ended up here in Berkeley, kind of. As or more significant as making a life choice (on reason), is the sensation when I look back on my tracks in the corner of San Francisco Bay. Love, I guess, but more profound.

I am in Texas on holiday and procrastination and meme research. There’s not really much else I find fitting to say. I am planning to make videos for later anniversaries in 2018, maybe I should better keep my (limited and fragile) poetic innards for that. I miss my homeland also.

There’s much to do. I see the novel thing of “research” as a game to master in the periods to come.

The one thing I really would like to note here is a quote on the wall in Student Center, visible on the way from Gym to Le Conte, just past the Zellerbach Play House.

“Seek knowledge. Locate Passion. Change the World.”

May it be a fruitful year up ahead, and — which is more — may we become better together — “let us be ourselves”.


I might update the Blog’s design soon (since I still pay for the domain and hope to do good with it in the new time periods that ensue).


Humble, TX

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