Photo Stories: Lightning

First post of another new category, or maybe this falls into the old “Poetry” bin.

I had packed my stuff early in the evening for the comet / meteor shower situation, only to have my expectations quenched by an untimely thunderstorm.  Well, I have heard of it in the forecast, but was not expecting the sky to get fully covered by clouds all night. The good thing was that its early arrival also made me cancel my travel plans, so I stayed in central Auckland (and plotted the triangles in the previous post).

Towards the later hours of the night, I was waken up by the thunder, and decided to climb Mount Eden to see the lightning show, after taking necessary precautions.

I did not see any lightning bolts that reached the ground — for that matter, hardly any lightning bolts — I hypothesised that nearby salty waters made a much better GROUND terminal than Auckland’s trees, buildings, and boxes mounted on legs.

The light I did manage to capture were glows emanating from high clouds. I tried to capture some of such light along the city skyline, which led to the title picture. In this exposure that took 70 seconds to complete, the bright clouds were lit by lightning too. Night-shift pilots passing by this area may be able to see some sprites. I envy them, and hope that one day I can see one with my own eyes too.

I asked myself what kept me up this late at night. Be it the Orionids or the electrical flashes in the sky. No words but emotion was my answer. In the empty fields, surrounding by light and sound of both natural and artificial origin, I felt as if floating in a mystical sanctum — if that’s too much over the top — yeah, artificial electricity, although generators and clouds employ very different mechanisms, we have domesticated lightnings after all those lightning shows on this planet. I hope I can do good things with them.

Original (7360*4912) May Soon be Available.

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