Ode to the Insightful Eyes

-> Jan 27th, 2014.

Lead me toward a bridge across the ocean;

Recall me to a time as vivid as a sunset with molten lavenders in the sky;

Find me in the lost moments before the sequences of a dream.

Rejoice… all the builders behind this sleepless heart,

Remember… the moment will have you bewildered

Sing the Ode to the Insightful Eyes!

Sing the Ode to the insightful eyes…

A line jotted down on the cosmos’ notebook of projections …

A rhythm from the clouds between all worlds’ nights … 

A monument withering across the paths before our divide.

In this place, we find our solace:

In such solace, we learn our place.

Ode to the insightful eyes. 

To see. To seek. To have sought.

To heed. To think. To have thought.


A word long missing;

a bond ever new.

Ode to the insightful eyes!

Who saw into where shadow and light have denied;

Who spent solitude befriending history and all stars residing into clouds;

Who stood between the wind and waves, through raspy storms and far cries.

We stood together,

The warmth of your hand melted away the tepid order

and mess;

dissolving music and colors.

Until all that remain,

Is image of an endless paved way.

A golden staircase.

Lead me to the first scene of the dream;

Recall me to the journey around the bustling continents;

Wake me when I part with my fantasy.

Ode to the insightful eyes!


By step.

Have you forgotten?


Having to commute for 150 minutes every weekday reconnected me with my Year 10 life in China, where I was led to both good physics and theatre, and dreamed the coolest dreams I can recall.

“Ode to the Insightful Eyes” is the last chapter of my Year 10 presentation in China on extraterrestrial life forms called “Silent Sky” (more details on my portfolio page: Class Presentations).

Silent Sky was my first formal literature research experience, and I got subtly complacent about being able to recall and summarise all that I had read. As such, “Ode to the Insightful Eyes” was conjured up as the title for my credits and bibliographical section.

It was over five years ago, and I, then, assumed I was ready to join something powerful, the ones who, through academia and otherwise, form the enterprise of today’s science — who find solace in knowing our place in the cosmos.

On this perspective, I hope I haven’t changed.

Whole post typed on Mobile Safari … Please excuse me for any typesetting quality issues.

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