Mini Street View Car

After visiting a camera shop, I was meaning to machine my own sliding rail for video projects in the near future.

A smaller-scale challenge began as I saw this…

(While built for GoPros, the carrier is also exactly the size of a 6th-gen iPod nano. In the near future, I plan to make a mobile alarm clock with it too.

The whole car is also potentially capable of supporting an Arduino Nano… At present, I do not know any particular use case for it, but the possibility is there).

Anyway, here it is. A mobile movie rig that produces panoramic media on the go. A miniature Street View car.

(Music clip from Alarm für Cobra 11, © RTL Playtainment)

I also rendered my first photo taken by this machine… I rarely produce non-stilllife panoramas, but this is a start.

More media to come soon :).

This is the first blog post of FW_General_Craft, something that I genuinely enjoy writing about.

Hopefully this journey is going to turn out awesome.