Photo Stories: Physics Department at Night

Good evening.

I am not the last one to leave. Well, the motivation’s been comparable to the excitement of unlocking a new part of the game world in a racing game, that becoming an official staff in physics somehow encouraged me to immediately desire to work after hours. Knowing that this wouldn’t work long-term, I stayed nonetheless.

I recall, vaguely, that at about the same time at night, I got locked inside the science building lobby once in my freshman year.

That was after my Probability Theory final exam. I recall that I worked furiously afterwards in the illusion that I could rectify some arithmetic mistakes in a Markov chain. I forgot to appreciate Auckland’s security system, where there’s no way to unlock locked doors from the inside after hours either.

Maybe I romanticise about selfless discovery work, enough that in my 19-th birthday poem I said I’d spend my entire life to ‘glimpse at an infinity’… Learning does excite me, especially during this time of a semester.

If you looked at the previous photo just closely enough, you can see an IMAX logo. I went to NZ’s only IMAX cinema sufficiently frequently that I just got my first free movie screening in my 3 months of membership. Well it’s close, so that’s not as much a labor than say in Berkeley.

Earlier tonight, I stood behind the glass balcony on the seventh floor just now, after shooting these images. I considered the state of my existence. Far, there’s Perimeter staying silent to my case; near, there’s a new semester in maths and physics readily unfolding.

Basis of great fun. Origin of a nice journey.

The photos tonight were taken while I wrapped my camera in my coat — the reflections from the glass got way too salient if they are not desirable features.

However, I now am wandering in the empty after-hour campus, and just realising …

If the flares, distortions and ghosts get too much in the way, it might be time to reach behind those optics.

That being said, I might photograph the sunrise from inside the building tomorrow…

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