Before Auckland’s BSc Graduation

Right, I am a recipient of The University of Auckland’s Senior Scholar Award for attaining the highest overall grades in my faculty (Full of Asterisks). At the same time, I have homework due on Friday, several lab reports to mark, and a club presentation on Thursday… Even tomorrow’s postgraduate lectures seem to go on as normal without me.

Nothing in my life at this moment is as final or ceremonious as a graduation day could feel, and, in the face of my Honours project, dissertation and other upcoming academic endeavours, the only thing that I find worthy of a brief celebration only manifests itself when I take another moment to appreciate how far one has ventured, and how far there is to go, in physics, in science, and in all else.

First day of high school (2013/09/09), and night before BSc Graduation (2019/04/30).

For primarily picture sizing purposes, I wore the same tie, one that got issued to me as part of the autumn/spring uniform of Shandong Experimental High School. I studied there until June 2014 and eventually solidified my choice of doing more maths and physics, not perhaps as an Olympiad player, but one that endures the long run in Academia.

And I feel glad that ever since the day I entered my first high school, I still love and practice quantitative science and writing.

It’s mostly CV stuff after that, with I am grateful for this whole six years worth of experience and a more exciting future to follow.


Sleep well.