One Small Step for a Man

To begin with, here’s my tribute music, declared final. It has ~5 unique chords on F Major, and was arranged for clarinets (emphasis on ‘s’), celesta and grand piano.

I could excuse myself by saying “at least I am following basic rules of modern music,” but understandably it is still amateurish.

TL;DR: Give it a try.

50 years later today, I am en route to my independent adult life , which is not a phase, something I have glimpsed before, seem to enjoy, and hope to thrive in.

I find it annoying that I usually turn speechless during occasions that deserve a bit more talking At the same time, however, I might consider it sufficient to leave my marks as such.

Good job on walking on the moon, humanity. I want to go some time myself too.

@Victoria University, New Zealand

Cover image by NASA. Source: NASA Releases Stunning Panoramas of Apollo Landing Sites for 50th Anniversary