Yeah Right, There Are Climate Strike Photos on This Site

On Friday, I went to see the biggest gathering of people that I remember in this city, and here are some photos from that gathering.

You might remember me as this conflicting node of information who both shared the news of similar strikes that happened in North America, and posted the following on social media, “Don’t strike.”

I will do my very best to keep a place free from political discourse, so will keep the emotional volume of this passage to a minimum.

Environment is one of topics that I really wished to write heaps about. On this note, I really appreciated this message, featured earlier on this blog.

On the surface of history, one treads carefully so that they don’t get forgotten. But even more care is required so that their intentions are not misremembered.

I understand that without strikes, even fewer people would be aware of the problems, and nothing would get done, at least not any quicker. I agree that striking is part of our global communities’ attempts to find a solution, and I am in awe of how one little instance of an idea, this time advocated by Miss Thunberg, spread like wildfire, for the lack of a better analogy, across geographical and ideological borders.

At the same time, I innately wish to question the “commonplace” narrative around this series of events, for the sake of its counter-productiveness

It amuses me how the idea that “such and such doomsday is nigh” has been familiar to cultures around the world and across history. So much, that I believe that I am quite lucky to have grown up without true fear of this statement.

I appreciate fully how my parents and communities — like Thunberg’s, maybe — had shielded me from the true extents of pain and struggles that our matter world and human planet admits, but I appreciate more that I have known them.

I absolutely appreciate more that I have known them, and have known people that carry on, knowing and experiencing their pain and struggles, leading regular lives where no flowers or limelight meet them, not coerced by an illusion of “making a difference”, while, really, making a difference.

And as such, I choose to work to make the average human’s day a little better. I don’t know if my life is going to be long enough for any result to come from this, but that’s enough to gratify and motivate me.

If, in the worst case scenario, there ever come a time that we as a species stand off against the laws of nature, any time not spent solving our problems is time that should be better spent.

Make it what you will. I’ll leave it as such.

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