My Personal Device Engravings

I might not qualify as a digital collector / hoarder, yet it is a fact that I did just order another 32GB iPod touch — out of a need to celebrate the end of my UG career, maybe.

So I thought I’ll document all the “free† ” Apple laser engravings I’ve got, maybe they chronicle the growth of my character, if there was such a thing.

See how many quotes you can identify the sources for 🙂

  • February 2014. To See the Frontier. iPad Air “Polaris”
  • February 2016. To know something incredible. iPod Touch (6th Generation) “Mimosa”
  • August 2017. To the sky. iPad Pro 12.9’’, the device I’m writing this post on. “Betelgeuse”
  • October 2019. To find the dimensions of life. iPod Touch (7th Generation). “?”

†: Devices with a personal engraving have about 20% lower resell value, so be careful when you choose to shine a laser on them, or when you leave any permanent marks, really.