Advance! Part 2

The original “Advance!“, written up in May during a walk from LeConte Hall to Auckland, is something I don’t really like any more. Too bourgeoisie.

So I thought there needed to be reboot of this series… which has been a reasonable representation of my character.

Staying inquisitive for a long time is hard, but this is what I signed up for.

We are ever tied to a humble origin:
That we exist.
And so will all that we see in this journey.

It’s been our nature to further our adventure.
The glorious past awaits ahead,
with all despair and suffering we conquer to face it.

Be it all planets’ might for the flicker
of a wandering firefly.
Be it generations of glorious tales into less than a single flash
in the background of a cosmic consciousness.

There is no tomorrow
that we take for granted.