[Photo Story] Suddenly Still

Before I looked further, she stopped me, “in the night sky, within the world’s collective field of vision, most things are moving at tremendously high speeds. And yet, they gathered only to create such a still scene.”

— FW’s Scrapbook, “Sunbeam”, An Unfinished Story, 2015.

Today is December 12th. 11th in some regions. Several of my applications are already on the way — fear of modification being the ultimate sunk cost — the rest will follow soon.

I have programmed in all the logic in the case I enter the word “Accepted” into my graduate studies applications database, fireworks and all, but would rather not test that before I hear any official response. All I can adjust is the sense of gravity that they cast to the rest of my life.

In light of the application efforts, I have not properly learned anything new in two weeks. Lab is starting, and my January travels are booked. I will give a 15-minute GR talk tomorrow, and a video recording will soon follow.