Additional Memo – Eve of Lunar New Year, 2020

Site admin matters come first, inconveniently … A problem persists that my mailing list does not differentiate my audience … if one is here for my CV, math, papers (if any), event pics, or ramblings … Worsening the matter is, which most markedly does not allow methods of eliciting community engagements that are convenient to you, so I will be resorting to MailChimp services in the near future, and maybe Twitter.

Both Jinan and Weihai have diagnosed nCoV patients at the moment with an unclear future as to how severely this virus would spread within the province — the bottom line is that I hope to be able to fly back to the lab without malady.

For the last day of the year of the pig and the first of the year of the mouse, I’ll be accompanying my father for his admin shift at the university where he works in the countryside. It’s a unique new year indeed; we have the whole, empty grounds of a campus to ourselves and our introspections.

If one’s life has a sub-score based on when he/she stopped believing in new year’s or season’s wishes, my score is 21.

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