“Are We Going The Right Way?”

Kudos on the University for organising free staff hiking sessions in the nearby Auckland Domain every week. The recent two Eastern-Time Wednesdays has seen me being rejected by a few places so it helps if I could return to nature while making some friends.

Earlier today while we were (I was) exploring some of the lesser-known walks through the woods, we came across two people going the opposite way.

They looked like tourists and — given that I didn’t even know that path existed despite being a 5-year Auckland local — seemed lost,

“Are we going the right way to the Auckland Museum?” They flagged us down and asked.

The “right way” for tourists, the one that goes straight to the front gate, was supposed to be a paved road with ample signage. They certainly must’ve missed it a couple of wrong turns ago. On the other hand, we just crossed the lawn behind the museum.

“Given where you are already, yes,” I quipped, “just keep to the right at the next junction.”

So I do know where to go from here.

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