[FWNotebook] The Arithmetic of a Vernier Caliper

This is a trivial one, and admittedly came and bit me during a lab demonstration session. I don’t recall many things that I rely on quite as much on the job that I’ve never paid attention to, and hopefully this is an isolated incident.

And of course, with 10 divisions, 0.1 is the best Vernier constant one can achieve.

You have my words that FWN is getting active again … Conformal geometry, statistical mechanics, and weird quantitative puzzles, maybe even finances and CGI mathematics, I plan to dig into a variety of small problems and post my solutions here, regularly during the years to come.
On the background, the beginning of a PhD and experimental design work aside, my adventures in Blender (not blender) and 3blue1brown’s manim Package are both seeing some progress.

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