On Starting a Theoretical Physics Ph.D.

Part 1. Motivation

Someone said [Citation needed, probably Reddit] that the experience between one’s last breath till the heat death of the universe takes place in no time, exactly the same perceived length as that between the Big Bang and the embryonic development of one’s brain.

I’m quite convinced that experience itself is quite the anomaly, and as such, I do physics for no other reason than because I like it, and, maybe, because I still deem however little I can contribute to this field among the most accessible options for me to learn about the meaning of this experience. [Maybe there’s a buddy waiting for me to chat all about it outside of this one, but (1) I don’t believe in that / I don’t see how believing in that helps, and (2) FWPhys’ Religion discussion planned in Q4, 2020]

It took me almost two decades until I reconciled with the insignificance of ourselves in space (thanks Carl), and I don’t know how much it will take me to think the same about ourselves in time. I think this PhD project in cosmology can help me .

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