Do Planets Grow on Trees?

Seriously though, that the objects depicted in the photo above obey the same form of gravity and are illuminated by the same Proton-proton® Fusion-Lamp™. is what makes physics feel poetic to me. I might be sharing Newton’s joy here. Conflict of Interest statement: This post was made possible by a generous donation from the Proton-proton … Continue reading Do Planets Grow on Trees?

A Walk In The Garden – IrPt

Not all songs deserve a blog mention, but this one I specifically have a dream-inspired short story to follow up in late 2020. And indeed, in that dream, I read a novella named "Little People" at a mishmash international airport, waiting to venture somewhere afar (and COVID-19-free). At least part of the story plays … Continue reading A Walk In The Garden – IrPt

[FW AdvLab] Basic Numerical Modelling with Python

One of the latest lab manuals that I've developed for Auckland Physics. I find it potentially helpful for the greater audience of the internet. This manual is intended for second-year physics majors, and assumes little prior mathematical knowledge beyond single variable calculus. Keywords: IVP, ODE, Numerical Analysis, scipy Access the Lab Manual:Download