Rock-Climbing Theoretical Physicists

Well I personally know a few, good swimmers and hikers too. I understand that hobbies and career choices might not have correlation, such as my music, photos, cars, and attempts in unilateral romance …

I’m here to remember a fleeting thought when I was hiking in Kaikoura a few days prior.

How can one tread on a rock formation that they know are loosely bound by mere gravity and not have the slightest worry of their stability?

Maybe they do. Maybe they did the math that their body mass isn’t sufficient to tip the balance. Maybe they are mentally prepared that a cliff might collapse or cave in with or without them there anyway.

A person in today’s world likely understands that our planet is, on its own scale, say during planetary collisions, more fragile than an egg, and the moon, marshmallow… And the high-energy people including myself deal with energy scales still billions of times higher…

Maybe they do worry a little, up to the common logical end point of a realization that all knowledge one has was only accumulated in the brief while from birth to the present, that the solid ground one stands on — well, the comfy bed I’m lying in — have no inherit importance in the directionless universe… Maybe they worry too much that a infinite amount of worry is the background of anything else that’s interesting…

After all, we renormalize — get rid of infinities — a lot in this job. Maybe within that infinite insignificance lies the purpose of life itself.

FW. Day One of Quarantine Season 2.

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