[LUX] Entries to the 2021 AUTC Photo Competition

On this page you will find photo entries that I am submitting to the 2021 Auckland University Tramping Club (AUTC) Outdoors Photo Competition.

All pieces shown on this page were done between June 2020 and July 2021.

To view the following pictures in full detail, click on the image, and follow the arrow to access a full-size copy.

Category 1: Tasteful Nudes

No submission. There’s either no taste or no nudes in my inventory.

Category 2: Above the bushline

Title: I Left My Water Bottle / Only Safe Place to Naruto Run
Location: Tongariro Northern Circuit* (Blue Lake)

Category 3: Below the bushline

Title: dn ʎɐʍ sıɥʇ
Location: Te Ara Kairaumati / Lake Matheson

Category 4: Outdoor landscape (no people)

Title: Kaikōura Ranges At Dawn
Location: Kaikoura

Category 5: Camp life

Title: The Galaxy is My Blanket
Location: Taranaki Maunga / Egmont National Park

Category 6: Native flora and fauna (not birds)

Title: A Good Day for Dreaming
Location: Akaroa Head Scenic Reserve

Category 7: Native birds

Title: Kea In Flight
Location: Arthur’s Pass National Park

*Tongariro Disclaimer: I look worrisomely underdressed in these photos, and that is because my equipment and supplies were stashed behind the camera. I kind of regret my naive confidence: do not attempt the crossing unless you know what you are doing.

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