Thoughts Upon seeing a Movie Prop

Copyright lawyers, please don’t sniff at this corner.

In Series …
Local (personal, potentially shallow, and subject to change) outlooks on science, technology, growth, and occasionally culture and history. I aim to write an essay every Sunday, but whether it can make its way to FWPhys is random. Hence the series title.

During my third visit to an unnamed NZ-based special effects company, I saw a piece of functional costume they fabricated for an unnamed Chinese Sci-fi film that they put on display.

No photography was allowed in the area but I broke my production ethics code for this once.

Growing up under the shadow of Hollywood, who sometimes would take bits from my upbringing to suit their own story writing, to see a piece of a more personally relevant origin on display next to the Americans’ work was a powerful experience.

I would say that this moment had a lasting impact on me not so much due to cultural nostalgia. Rather, it was a happy recognition of a world getting around to realise that no one should have monopoly over “diversity” narratives and global solidarity.

I don’t feel like saying much more at the moment, and would close by claiming that the text in this post is just to dilute the extent to which what I am posting is a copyright infringement. Thanks for reading.

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