Rainy Road Found Poem – 05

Rainy Road Found Poem (RRFP) is a series of mysterious texts that I find in the gutter during my night walks

Have you ever awake half way through the night

And forget where you’re supposed to go,

Or the place that sent you here?

A thin string between last evening and today morning,


Awaiting your return once again so your life goes on.

Don’t get me wrong,

The world guarantees with her fascinating complexity

that you’re not accidentally plunged into the inner workings.

— How naively selfish!

That you doubt

you’re not where you should be.

The ones on your mind are either sharing this night time with you,

in deep slumber or colourful dreams

beyond your grasp;

Or they are like usual, going on with their lives in other corners of the world.

Before a sleep becomes all you do,

You’ve never lost such a power,

Go visit them.

In your mind,

and in the real world.


This shall not be in vain.

The moon and stars greet you from the other side of the curtain.

In silence, birds dot the branches of the trees outside.

Moving gently in a breeze.