Welcome to my personal blog, f-STEM, and welcome to 2017 CE.  Again – or, for the first time – thanks for being here, as I set foot in this brave world with such people in it, as I learn to reason, as I read and as I grow – to become a physicist in my childhood dreams with academic rigor, through failure and persistence, and via bonds that I forge with others.

I have missed opportunities – a lot them; unforgettable mistakes – quite a few.  However, beginning anew, disillusioned, I see that my imperfections help make a better facet of me – altruistic, articulate and unobtrusively ingenious.

Travelling around our world, while often contemplating others that I may never reach, I see my limitations and learn to live positively within constraints. — On the same note, please excuse me if my uploading rate is sub-satisfactory.

Quoting Professor Carl Sagan’s vision, I do wish to be,

More confident, far-seeing, capable and prudent.

In my diary earlier this year, I wrote that,

I envision a future where there are no borders between people, and there are no boundaries of knowledge.

I work to Describe the nature, to Solve real world problems, to Lead an human endeavour, and to Raise the happiness and fulfilment of other individuals.

Easier said than done.

Under the name of excellence, and the ever-lasting pursuit thereof, the pictures above seem, at best, hopefully distant.  In all, in my adventure, I eagerly wish and strive to add some depth to everyone’s happiness.

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