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This archival rich-media page collects the info of photos used in my website landing page and hardly anywhere else, in a roughly chronological order.

At UCLA Physics Department, USA (2018)
At SF Exploratorium and Hey Anna. USA (2018)
Point Reyes Lighthouse, CA, USA (2018)
Tree. Auckland, NZL (2018)
N. Changshan Island, Shandong, China (2018)
With my transition metals at Houston, TX, USA (2017)
Water Droplets from a fountain. Napier, NZL (2018)
Milky Way Survey, Auckland, NZL (2018)
Aurora Australis, Rendered in Space Engine
LeConte at Night. Berkeley, CA, USA (2018)
Here is a LeConte Hall Tribute:
Michelson Interferometer Pattern for a Heating-up Sodium Light. Auckland, NZL (2018)
F-STEM's amended logo floating above Auckland Bay
Cover – Late 2016