Affiliated Sites

And the table below are some of my good friends and peers that have online presences such as a research portfolio or frequent column contributions.

PeopleMy Connection and Impressions
Nicholas RuiAn active contributor to UC Berkeley SPS during and after my days there. Apart from being an amazing leader and friend, he is an exemplary scholar and dedicated researcher.
Rahul SahayHe opened my eyes on what a first year physics student is capable of (including but not limited to getting straight A+’s from graduate courses) and led me to many amazing outreach opportunities in and out of LeConte Hall. VP of Berkeley SPS between 2019 and 2020.
Katie LatimerThe person that welcomed me at UCBSPS and all the wonders in physics that followed. She went to PSI in Ontario, Canada at around the same time I departed Berkeley, and is now a PhD student in environmental science and physics.
Peter HuxfordThe king of maths at Auckland and a good friend that I fortunately met (vertically) via Science Scholars. Now a PhD student at University of Chicago.
Linus RichterPhD candidate at Victoria University Wellington. My former roommate during a conference and now occasionally teaches me the art of pure mathematics.
I hope that this list grows faster than continental drift.