Automotive Design


2020 FTD Sirius Ev concepT (TrackMania Canyon GT350e)

Some Numbers
Width: 1866 mm (73.5 in).
Height: 1336 mm (52.6 in).
Wheelbase: 2820 mm (111.0 in).
Length: 4439 mm (174.8 in).
Tire Size: 235/45 R18.
Drivetrain: Electric 4WD.
… and there’s a 1:64 scale model:

CC-2020 Build log

A behind-the-scenes journal of my learning and design progress.

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For the majority for my primary school and early-middle school education, I had been very interested in cars, the way they operated and the technologies in them. I did so not quite as a consumer, or a traditionally-defined speed enthusiast, but rather perhaps aspiring to become part of the industrial landscape.

In grade 4, I even declared that my craft and product to benefit people is more appealing to me than personal fame. I am proud of that moment, and I still hope to one day build or deeply customise my own rides.

And, recently, with all the numerical and modelling tools I have learned, I started making models from my own sketches over the years. For now, I focus on making elementary 3D models, largely intended for the racing games that I play. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do more than this.