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Fwd: Cixin Liu – The Coronavirus Pandemic and Aliens

Please excuse me on picking this trite title. I am not here to say that the coronavirus is brought upon us by aliens, but I do consider the sudden onset of the pandemic similar to a possible advent of extraterrestrial beings. Both are unforeseen events with profound ramifications, that humanity encounters or is likely to … Continue reading Fwd: Cixin Liu – The Coronavirus Pandemic and Aliens

[Site] FWPhys v1.3 Cover Image Set

Now the welcome page will play a random slideshow of images. I plan to change them seasonally. This season's theme is solar system with impossible optics (i.e. impractical levels of camera zoom). Earth's Atmosphere and the SunEarth and MoonTitan in front of SaturnEuropa in front of JupiterTriton in front of NeptuneSaturn with Titan's shadowPhobos in … Continue reading [Site] FWPhys v1.3 Cover Image Set

The Voyagers, As Retold by Author

Four years ago, FWPhys began with this poem, which I am reproducing below with minor changes and updates. It's been a ride. Wondrous moments of life and reality once found their places here. Perhaps no more. Perhaps for the better. Somethings aren't supposed to be so easily and randomly showcased, after all. So long. -- … Continue reading The Voyagers, As Retold by Author

[Little Demos] 01 – Wine Glass Einstein Rings

Originally written for a friend in late 2016. Updated in 2020 to remove some inaccuracies and humble brags. Catpic used under (cat's) permission. Do you know that thanks to some convenient optics, we can demonstrate a "gravitational lens" could be demonstrated in my living room (without myself eating 1024 kg of food)? We will be … Continue reading [Little Demos] 01 – Wine Glass Einstein Rings