Automotive Design

For the majority for my late-primary school and early-middle school education, I had been very interested in cars, the culture and the technologies of them. I did so not quite as a consumer, or an enthusiast, but rather perhaps aspiring to become part of the landscape.

In grade 4, I for the first time felt that to get my craft and product to benefit people is more appealing to me than personal fame.

The passions of designing stuff and challenging speed records has never worn off, and I hope to one day build or deeply customise my own rides.

And, recently, with all the maths and 3D modelling software I have learned, I started making models from my own sketches over the years. For now, I could only make custom models for the racing games that I play, but hopefully, I’ll be able to do more than this.

Below is a brief and incomplete portfolio of my recent works on car designs and/or modelling.

As a beginning, here’s the 09′ Sirius 4dR. It’s a mid-size sedan with a Naturally Aspirated V8 Engine. I’ve sketched a lot of this car with its iconic rear layout (to myself). While I’ve paid more attention to the Sirius StR Coupe Counterpart of this car, the sedan is the first car I chose to model for the time being. Superimposed on it is a drawing from 8 year ago in Photoshop.