[On the Surface of History] Introduction to the Archives

We claim our lands,
We tame our seas,
We carve our names
On the surface of history,
‘Til our hands get tied
By the stubborn will of gravity.

Ryan O’Neal, “Overture”

Physics is indeed a powerful framework of thought that bridges the micro- with the macro. That is what makes Isaac Newton’s gravity theory innately romantic to me, that massive celestial bodies follow the same rules as a falling apple.

Part of this journey in science of mine is realising that this is far from the only way.

2020 has been eventful, but certainly not in the way that I, by default, expected of a new year.

Eight weeks after I turned in my graduate applications, I have not heard any positive news on that aspect. Be this waiting period a brief pause in my career progression, or the hiatus before a dramatic change of direction, it does allow me to look past my daily worries, and ascend to reach the macro of the time that I inhabit.