Short Stories

Here is a list of my short stories to date.

Each work has an accompanying release of cover art. The motivation of designing them usually roots deep in my extensive procrastination during semesters.

Please click on the covers to access the corresponding pieces, if available.

I am not suggesting that I consider myself a complacent English user … GRE is coming and I don’t recognize all four-letter words yet. That being said, to me today, the problems are not so much as in language — getting it started — but in experience.

I think that I need to practice writing more: more regularly, and more seriously.

Momentum: ‘What If?’ (2016) – Fiction

Included in Science Scholars 2016 Short Story Collection, University of Auckland


A semi-homework piece written for the prompt, ‘What if things were different’. I have made my answer blatently clear from the beginning and just let it free-flow after that. The title was largely a last-minute placeholder but expresses the appreciation and sincerity with which I look to our own history.

momentum v1

Drops of Europa (2018) – Science Fiction

Physics 112 Optional Enrichment Activity

Submitted for Review to UC Berkeley Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Workshop (SFAFWW) in April, 2018.


This not-as-hard-as-I-would-have-liked science fiction recounts an unexpected encounter.

In the near future, life was discovered on Europa, the icy, oceanic moon of Jupiter, through a geological mishap. It was also soon clear that, for a long time, the indigenous life forms of that world have lived and thrived in the radio echoes of this world. A conversation of meaning was about to unfold …

DoE Cover Art 2018

Stillwater (2018) – Science Fiction

(Work in Progress)

Submitted for Review to SFAFWW in November 2018.


Inadvertently drifting into the distant future of the galaxy, a crew member aboard an abandoned space station in orbit near a black hole meets a mysterious, wandering civilization in a dramatically unfamiliar cosmos.

Key Physics:

Frame dragging. Time Dilation. Heat Death. Other forms of life. The law of large numbers.


Leaf (2019) – Science Fiction

(Work in Progress)


Interpret the title as you wish. Quantum dynamics and graph theory joins the discussion of politics and romance. It will be my first all-in attempt to build a rich and realistic character.

Key Physics:

Mechanics of love, if that counts.

Multi-world interpretation and quantum suicide.