Class Presentations


For posters, videos, album covers and cards, I do graphics design with not only Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, but also Apple Keynote and MS Powerpoint.

Well, playing with Powerpoint ever since age 3 allowed me to know a lot about what works in delivering a playful, informational and compelling presentation. I have made quite a few ppts: for others, for me; for extra-curricular, and for learning.

This page collects a few of my school projects and class presentations, in chronological order.



Sept. 2013

The Silent Night Sky: Looking for Extraterrestrial Life


(This project was prepared in Simplified Chinese Only)

Research Learning was an optional course offered at my high school at Year 10, and I produced this lengthy literature summary on the level of high-school natural sciences, touching concepts such as Drake’s equation, astrobiology, self-destruction of technical civilizations and so on. The last chapter was titled “Resume, in …”, which possibly refers to this whole website and my formal academic career.

I have a Keynote file available through iCloud sharing: iCloud

Apr. 2015

Into Nanoscience (A2 Chemistry Class)

May. 2015

Thoughts in Reproductive Health: IVF and PGD (A2 Biology Class)


Mar. 2017

BODIPY Project Review

Nov. 2017

Wallpaper Groups (For Classical Geometry Class)

Dec. 2017

Mock Higgs Report (For Particle Physics Class)

Apr. 2018

Intro. to Riemann Hypothesis (sorry) (For Honors Complex Analysis)

Content may be available in a separate post eventually.

Mar. 2019

Periodic motion in triangular billiards

Video recording avaiable, At 2019 SciSA Summer Research Symposium

MAy. 2019

Crash course on (THE MATHS OF) Feynman path integrals

Still being prepared.