Notes of an Equation Memorizer

Welcome again! A Forgotten Equation Yesterday, I overheard some members in a research group where I hang out, expressing a fleeting uncertainty over how a paper performed a Poincare compactification of ℝ (well, ℝ^n). In terms of our use case, it was about how to build an order-preserving self-map on the real line such that … Continue reading Notes of an Equation Memorizer

[Photo Story] Suddenly Still

Before I looked further, she stopped me, "in the night sky, within the world's collective field of vision, most things are moving at tremendously high speeds. And yet, they gathered only to create such a still scene."-- FW's Scrapbook, "Sunbeam", An Unfinished Story, 2015. Today is December 12th. 11th in some regions. Several of my … Continue reading [Photo Story] Suddenly Still