Sir V.F.R. Jones, In Memoriam

Obituary on Auckland Grammar School Website I first came across the mathematician Jones in middle school, when I was reading the Chinese edition of What Is Mathematics by Robbins and Courant to feel good (and ultimately otherwise), and one of the addendum chapters introduced me to "New Zealander Jones" and his work on knot theory. … Continue reading Sir V.F.R. Jones, In Memoriam

A Walk In The Garden – IrPt

Not all songs deserve a blog mention, but this one I specifically have a dream-inspired short story to follow up in late 2020. And indeed, in that dream, I read a novella named "Little People" at a mishmash international airport, waiting to venture somewhere afar (and COVID-19-free). At least part of the story plays … Continue reading A Walk In The Garden – IrPt

[FW AdvLab] Basic Numerical Modelling with Python

One of the latest lab manuals that I've developed for Auckland Physics. I find it potentially helpful for the greater audience of the internet. This manual is intended for second-year physics majors, and assumes little prior mathematical knowledge beyond single variable calculus. Keywords: IVP, ODE, Numerical Analysis, scipy Access the Lab Manual:Download

[Site] FWPhys v1.3 Cover Image Set

Now the welcome page will play a random slideshow of images. I plan to change them seasonally. This season's theme is solar system with impossible optics (i.e. impractical levels of camera zoom). Earth's Atmosphere and the SunEarth and MoonTitan in front of SaturnEuropa in front of JupiterTriton in front of NeptuneSaturn with Titan's shadowPhobos in … Continue reading [Site] FWPhys v1.3 Cover Image Set