Iridium Point

Music for progress, solitude, and the slightly burnt fried eggs for breakfast.
Est. 2014

Electronic | Classical Orchestral | experimental
(not everything all at once)

Some people have asked me how IrPt got its name. The truth is, it’s a rather serendipitous story. Back in 2014, I was traveling on an intercity bus to visit my grandparents in China. I wanted to connect my iPod to my dad’s Blackberry for internet access, but when the phone prompted me to set a password, the phrase “iridium point” popped into my head out of nowhere.

At the time, I was already a self-professed chemistry nerd, and I later discovered that Iridium Point is a term used in calligraphy to describe the tip of a pen. I can’t quite recall if I was passing by a pen store at the moment, but the name stuck with me.

Iridium Point is often shortened into “IrPt” as Ir and Pt are neighbours on the periodical table. Both are sometimes used to describe massively popular music (which I don’t really pursue at the moment), and you can make out the pun “I repeat”.

Licensing Iridium Point Music

Creative Commons licensing is at the heart of FWPhys, and IrPt music is no different. You can use my music for whatever as long as it’s not making money and you mention my name and the track title in the credits, description, etc. For commercial licensing, please email

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