The Bob Doran Museum of Computing – Impressions

The most incomprehensible thing about the Universe is that it is comprehensible. Albert Einstein Well, to call my visit tonight an impression isn't quite fair. For the entire duration that I've studied and worked at Auckland Science, this display has been here. First curated by Prof. Bob Doran himself, and later in his honor and … Continue reading The Bob Doran Museum of Computing – Impressions

Ancient Greeks Exhibition – Thoughts and images

For a while now, since June actually, I slept every night oblivious to the vicinity of priceless artifacts to my abode. Thanks to a joint venture between Auckland Museum and certain ex-pirate organization, many large pieces of authentic Greek artifacts were put on display in New Zealand for the first time in history. On the … Continue reading Ancient Greeks Exhibition – Thoughts and images

On Turning 21 (Revisited by an 24 year old)

Forewords Over three years ago now, I drafted a short essay on my flight back from San Francisco. That whimsically spontaneous trip was made in the week after my 21st birthday. Back then, I was in the middle of my fourth year in my BSc physics program, and my slow transition from student to “adult” … Continue reading On Turning 21 (Revisited by an 24 year old)

County town Test takers / “小镇做题家”们

"County town test takers" is a negative term that recently saw an increase in popularity on the Chinese Internet. I regard it as a lens through which one see an ongoing social stratification process, and would dedicate this short essay to stand in solidarity with the individuals so-derided. The phrase is largely thrown around by … Continue reading County town Test takers / “小镇做题家”们