I have ever-growing interests in mathematical physics and STEM advocacy. At present, my research passion lies in the intersection of nonlinear dynamics and quantum field theory.

Finishing the fourth year of study at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, I am named one of the university’s highest-achieving Senior Scholars. During my degree, I also completed one year of exchange studies at UC Berkeley, California.

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Mathematics? Physics? I appreciate how these two subjects require subtly different mindsets, and enjoy seeking a balance in between. This does not limit my curiosity just in these two subjects, however. At present, I hope to research into emergent behaviors of a variety of complex systems and am learning the mathematical tools for open quantum systems.
I grew up on a university campus, and in many ways, never left such an environment. I want to work out my place in the cosmos. To me, as much as they are about the elegant and impassiveness nature and her clockworks, they are about the essence of life itself.

Did I mention that my life goal is to perish inside a black hole?


And the short-term goal is getting able to migrate these html that I wrote to such and such .edu/~wang

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I make stuff.

Although sometimes naively as an amateur, a student or a clueless by-standing friend, I wish to seriously learn and appreciate the various arts of our world..

This sense of curiosity and responsibility dates back to my childhood, and forms what I regard as my own character arc. My earliest dream occupations were a botanist, an astronomer, a bridge archetact and an industrial designer. There’s a point past which a vocation stops being just words, but distinct skills, modes of thought and purpose. I am often glad that I have ventured far enough to see it.

Since the establishment of my site, I have added to my portfolio projects in photography, industrial design, digital music, advanced slideshows, software development, 3D modelling (done with the previous activity as modding — find me in BeamNG, TrackMania or Space Engine Forums), and, of course, creative writing.

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Writing and Outreach

I work to be a good communicator. That was the initial motivation behind the establishment of my website. On that note, thanks for being here!

I have participated in a lot of outreach events so far, and, HELLO! if you got to know me thanks to these occasions.

You may want to check out some projects that I’ve participated in..

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