“Galactic Weatherman.”

Stellar dynamics might not yet be my specialty, literally, but I think this phrase captures my career outlook and life philosophy quite well.

I am a student, but also an adventurous researcher setting out to introduce the world to his first work, eagerly mastering the lingo of non-linearity, and navigating the lands of theoretical physics — and beyond.

This site also documents my passions for STEM advocacy and educational content creation.


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I originally built this website with the intention that when I one day move my html and CSS into a certain .edu/~yfwang, .ac.nz/~yfwang, .edu.cn/~yfwang, etc., it might change the stereotype that academic personal websites are plain.

No matter what I do, my life goal is to perish inside a black hole.

Featured Research Work

Auckland University Advanced Lab Capstone Manuals.

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Writing and Outreach

I work to be a good communicator. That was the initial motivation behind the establishment of my website. On that note, thanks for being here!

I have participated in a lot of outreach events so far, and, HELLO! if you got to know me thanks to these occasions.

You may want to check out some outreach projects that I’ve participated in..

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Academic Publications