A student evolving into a beginner researcher and navigating the lands of nonlinearity, I work to build my life around my lasting interests in mathematical physics and STEM advocacy.

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I originally built this website with the intention that when I one day move my html and CSS into a certain .edu/~yfwang, .ac.nz/~yfwang, .edu.cn/~yfwang, etc., it might change the stereotype that academic personal websites are plain.

This site has experienced over eleven weeks of minimum activity known as the US 2019-2020 Graduate Application Season. I lost some momentum trying to navigate an endless and powerless wait, but things should be changing for the better when you are seeing this.

After all, no matter what I do, my life goal is to perish inside a black hole.

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Writing and Outreach

I work to be a good communicator. That was the initial motivation behind the establishment of my website. On that note, thanks for being here!

I have participated in a lot of outreach events so far, and, HELLO! if you got to know me thanks to these occasions.

You may want to check out some projects that I’ve participated in..

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