You-Rong frank wang 王有容

PhD Student in Cosmology, University of Auckland

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I am passionate about the mysteries of the universe. And my research interests lie at the forefront of the fields of physics, cosmology and nonlinear dynamics.

I believe that the nature of dark matter is one of the most important and pressing mysteries in physics today, and the current focus of my PhD is the ultralight dark matter model, especially its possible roles in contexts such as the evolution of dwarf galaxies, and collision and tidal disruption events within galaxy clusters.

I am also interested in gravitational waves and numerical relativity. I began my physics degree in the same year LIGO made the first detection of a black hole-black hole merger event, which marked the beginning of a new era of astronomy. I always dreamed about the prospects of one day using gravitational waves to test our understanding of the universe and make discoveries about its structure and evolution.

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Other Projects

As someone with extensive mathematical physics training, I was once overflowing with a sense of boundless optimism and confidence. However, with time I had come to realize that despite my background, there is still much to learn. I recognize that knowledge is a lifelong pursuit that encompasses not just the natural sciences, but also the arts and humanities. As such, this website has evolved to be not only a showcase of my research work, but also an archive of my ongoing journey of discovery.

On FWPhys, I share reading notes, record my experience with emerging technologies, comment on lesser-known events that shaped humanity, and share my achievements exploring other creative avenues such as photography, digital media production, and industrial design.

Salutations, then, dear reader. You may be someone I have never met, whose paths may never have crossed mine. Whether you are a fellow scholar, a student, or simply someone seeking to expand your own horizons, I hope that something here will be of value to you.

All who wander are not lost.

J.R.R. Tolkien
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