“Curiosity” – Companion Booklet

This post is to serve as a companion booklet to my bizarre release "Curiosity - Select Piano Compositions". It is available on 15 Apr 2022 on streaming platforms and digital marketplaces around the world. https://open.spotify.com/album/5tgJFTvB3pWc2pt4dUz7ol Table of Contents Album OverviewRecording & PerformanceTracks5624Welcome HomeAfar4FutureBerkeleyFish Out of the Water77 Physics NorthApollo 11Against TimeEnceladusTritonNot Even LightTIMEFALLLife in a … Continue reading “Curiosity” – Companion Booklet

Two Recent Poems

The Star Carver They say you find a lively memoryof a world’s early agesdeep within. Shapes without colourscolours without shapes.Endeavours without maps,vision without eyes. To rejoin the silence was to speak;to leave behind all lights was to see. Feel the pristine ground.Touch the running water.Does a fire burn afar?Do you hear the shadows flicker? For … Continue reading Two Recent Poems