FWPhys Lux Gallery 02

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I picked up a camera for the first time while quite young. I remember being startled by grandpa’s film camera’s automatic rewind, inexplicably opening the camera body, and ruining the memory of a whole day’s worth of travels. I was still young enough to use naiveness as a shield then.

Due to the nature of the one who captures images, photos of me and my camera together are exceedingly rare. One of the earliest images I still have at hand is the following, taken in 2009 in San Mateo, California. Today is not explicitly the anniversary of anything, I just use it to acknowledge the roots of my effort – to absorb photons and tell their stories.

Advanced Photoshop Skills, which no other images here demonstrate.

Still – Fauna

Still – Flora

Natural Motion

Landscape, Sky, and Tramping

Portraits, Crowds, and Events

Star fields and Celestial events

Abstract, STEM, and Experimental

Architecture, transit, And Roads


(Small Cars)

(Big Cars)