Ancient Greeks Exhibition – Thoughts and images

For a while now, since June actually, I slept every night oblivious to the vicinity of priceless artifacts to my abode. Thanks to a joint venture between Auckland Museum and certain ex-pirate organization, many large pieces of authentic Greek artifacts were put on display in New Zealand for the first time in history. On the … Continue reading Ancient Greeks Exhibition – Thoughts and images

[Lux] Advanced Rainbow Manipulation

Backyard fun, sort of. This set of pictures were created using LED-enabled pois1 by myself and A. Cordwell, a friend of mine and 4th year student at Auckland astrophysics. This part-dancing and part-running-around project is my third attempt at light-pen practical effects. The equation that we wrote this time is ... Non-relativistic time-dependent Schrödinger. Enjoy. … Continue reading [Lux] Advanced Rainbow Manipulation