QuickType Scientific Symbols [Updated June 26th]

Some of my text-friends ask me how I can quickly type out mathematical symbols when we are discussing homework problems. Well, for one, I enabled the Greek keyboard on my phone, and then there's this: taking advantage of the automatic text-replacement system built right in macOS and iOS. To use this table, on iOS and … Continue reading QuickType Scientific Symbols [Updated June 26th]

What Does it (really) Take for an ECLIPSE?

I guess you know the drill by now. Round earth with a moon whizzing around, and the pair occasionally block sunlight from each other.  Neat stuff. Do you want to see an actual ray diagram of that? Yes! Well, I drew one in Adobe Illustrator, and then converted it to html. Edit: WP Does not … Continue reading What Does it (really) Take for an ECLIPSE?

Stillwater: A Short Story

It is still an early draft. [a][b][c][d][e][f][g][h][i]To Anna Story Iteration #4[j]fWork in ProgressInstead of footnotes, I have laid out some comments that I think may aid your enjoyment.I.Del decided to consume a star.Although it could be costly, feeding on the small fusion furnaces had been Del’s most reliable source of sustenance. He[k][l][m][n] needed to continue his search … Continue reading Stillwater: A Short Story