[Not To Scale] Towards 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing – Music and Art

In this cover design, the two white dots were my attempt to symbolize the docking procedure of the lunar module with the command module in orbit.

Long ago, I realized that to draw anything remotely realistic about the Apollo Journey, to put the moon and the earth in one frame, would necessarily obscure all that mattered to our great story: the astronauts, their support crews, the engineers and field workers … The humans.

We are even smaller specks of dusts than our rocky home, after all. Only through our intelligence and endurance, can we hope to eventually leave some marks on the surface this indifferent universe.

I don’t know why that thought brings up more tears than any human romance ever could.

Composed and mixed in Klimper + GarageBand. Also thanks to NASA Archives for the Mission Radio Recording and Transcript.

Canterbury, New Zealand