A “Howard Hughes”-Like Moment

Well, I originally intended a bit more for this post, starting from a recount on how I recently finished watching The Big Bang Theory and a tentative remark on how perhaps it is so popular in China and other markets thanks the translators who would put up on-screen footnotes for all those vague pop culture … Continue reading A “Howard Hughes”-Like Moment

[Photo Stories] Bailey’s Bead During the 2019 Total Solar Eclipse

They felt equally long - the one I spent doubting myself and managing my stress, and the totality. Two minutes before totality, the crowd’s celebration, adding to my own misjudgment, toppled my tripod, dumping my camera into dirt (luckily) and shattering a UV filter. “Ok. Again. All for nothing.” I thought I’d say to myself. … Continue reading [Photo Stories] Bailey’s Bead During the 2019 Total Solar Eclipse

Note. Evening, May 11th

I have old notes to summarize, I have new lessons just learnt ... but I have not foreseen that in the evening before my 21st birthday, I'd be experiencing my most severe, and maybe only so far, food allergy situation. I certainly don't know my body well enough. Aotea Island, NZL