[LUX] Entries to the 2021 AUTC Photo Competition

On this page you will find photo entries that I am submitting to the 2021 Auckland University Tramping Club (AUTC) Outdoors Photo Competition. All pieces shown on this page were done between June 2020 and July 2021. Category 1: Tasteful Nudes No submission. There's either no taste or no nudes in my inventory. Category 2: … Continue reading [LUX] Entries to the 2021 AUTC Photo Competition

FW’s Cucumber Page (Southern Autumn 2021)

I saw my first (male) cucumber flower today, and thought it's a good opportunity to document the growth of an organism that remains a strong contender the title of "Most Productive Organism in My Room". Of course, if somebody determines that I am worthy of an ICBM strike or explosive seashell, those photos might disclose … Continue reading FW’s Cucumber Page (Southern Autumn 2021)

Our Unforeseen Consequences, II

"More confident, far-seeing, capable and prudent."Sagan There were documented reports that TEPCO allowed cooling water that contacted the nuclear fuel -- the worst kind yet -- to return to sea shortly after the initial 2011 incident. So whatever hacks they are doing over the table now might not even be the most despicable in the … Continue reading Our Unforeseen Consequences, II