‘Not Even Light’ – Continuing the Project After 2 Years

Welcome to the International Day of Mathematics!

I have trouble recalling π day 2019 apart from the bold-lined bullet points … I was a month away from getting handed my BSc degree, waiting to hear back from Perimeter. The semester was slow, my office was downstairs in mathematics, and I still biked to university every day.

It was also the first anniversary of the passing of Stephen Hawking — on the day Hawking radiation was discussed in my GR class’ office hour, no less.

Earlier that month I had planned a little melody, written in E major (later transposed to C major), trying to capture the majesty of a black hole (Event Horizon Camera would return a result quite soon, coincidentally), and a life well lived in pursuit of knowledge.

There’s a looming feeling I should put this effort on hiatus again for the time, and get back to science …