Notes of an Equation Memorizer

Welcome again! A Forgotten Equation Yesterday, I overheard some members in a research group where I hang out, expressing a fleeting uncertainty over how a paper performed a Poincare compactification of ℝ (well, ℝ^n). In terms of our use case, it was about how to build an order-preserving self-map on the real line such that … Continue reading Notes of an Equation Memorizer

“Are We Going The Right Way?”

Kudos on the University for organising free staff hiking sessions in the nearby Auckland Domain every week. The recent two Eastern-Time Wednesdays has seen me being rejected by a few places so it helps if I could return to nature while making some friends. Earlier today while we were (I was) exploring some of the … Continue reading “Are We Going The Right Way?”

Photo Story: A Collection of 2019 Sun Pictures

When I was at the kitchen, 2019's last sunset, as was assigned by Gregorian-calander-using people for this time zone, was right outside the window. So I figured I'd capture its descent. I recorded a video, alongside this single photo.2019 is the first full year I spent with my 200mm lens, and my reliance on it … Continue reading Photo Story: A Collection of 2019 Sun Pictures

[Photo Story] Suddenly Still

Before I looked further, she stopped me, "in the night sky, within the world's collective field of vision, most things are moving at tremendously high speeds. And yet, they gathered only to create such a still scene."-- FW's Scrapbook, "Sunbeam", An Unfinished Story, 2015. Today is December 12th. 11th in some regions. Several of my … Continue reading [Photo Story] Suddenly Still

Advance! Part 2

The original "Advance!", written up in May during a walk from LeConte Hall to Auckland, is something I don't really like any more. Too bourgeoisie. So I thought there needed to be reboot of this series... which has been a reasonable representation of my character. Staying inquisitive for a long time is hard, but this … Continue reading Advance! Part 2